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Currently the game is still very alpha. This means, there will be game wipes at some point, although generally ship information will remain intact. Usually its more regenerating the sectors, etc. I'll try and keep these as infrequent as possible however.

Its recommended that you click the Watch button in the upper right of this page to get alerted when a new version is released.

Server Information

Port: 4242​
Password: at1​
Changelog (view full changelog history)
ADDED: Device: Sector Isolator​
CHANGED: Updated visual controls​
ADDED: Device: Random Emergency Warp​
ADDED: Trading ports now close up shop and new ones reopen in new sectors daily. This is a small percentage chance this will happen per port, per day.​
CHANGED: Ships log and Galactic News now return the most recent 200 events, so this is much faster now.​
FIXED: Issue where a port would not always display in the sector information window​
FIXED: Flea market now has a chance to add lost/destroyed devices. It will also randomly add/remove items per day.​
CHANGED: Displaying of credits should now be formatted on display, if you find any that aren't, please let me know.​
CHANGED: Updated internal logging framework​
ADDED: Devices: Auto Pilot [10] and Auto Pilot [25]. These devices can help you get to any sector you enter. The 10 and 25 are how far each device can search for the sector you enter. So a 10 can only search 10 sectors away from your current position, and the 25 is 25 sectors away from your current position. Special thanks to Dr. Presto for helping me out with the logic on this, it was killing me.​
ADDED: Anomalies. These are things that have a (very) small chance to happen as you are traveling the universe. I have a large list of these to add, but I've implemented the following already:​
  • You gain a random device (Only if there is room)
  • You lose a random device (instantly jettisoned) (Only if there is a device to lose)
  • You gain a random amount of fuel
  • You lose a random amount of fuel
  • You gain a random resource/amount
  • You lose a random resource/amount
  • A random device is fully repaired
  • A random device is damaged
If you have suggestions for new anomalies, please let me know.​
And much more, these are just the primary things. Many other small fixes and improvements have been done.​
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