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At its core, TR is a commodity trading, war game in space.
The general idea is to amass wealth and power and rule the universe. There are hidden mysteries within the game that will not be explained, that's up to you, the player. Players can create new planets that produce commodity resources as well as war based resources. There is a vast device system in place within TR. Devices allow your ship/planet/sector to perform different actions. Some of them are defensive, some offensive. Others allow for more information in your HUD when scanning, instantly warping back to Sol (Port 1), etc.

The Federation
These are the "good" guys, they try to keep the universe intact and functioning, keep the economy thriving and they are the ones who hired you.

The Cabal
Little is known about the cabal, other than that they are intent on destroying anything not Cabal. There is no making friends with the cabal, it is kill or be killed.

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