Not a bug Install Folder Isn't Created, AV stopping login


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Installer does not make folder structure of default install path. I had to make the two folders \NomadSoft\Trade Realms\ to install ;)

On the 1st Run, AV blocked it for:
Feature:Online Threat Prevention
An attempt to send your password unencrypted was about to occur on We blocked the connection to stop your private data from being exposed and tampered with." (added to exemptions and logged in)
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Manual Creation of install path:
What OS/version are you using?​
When you installed, did the installer have access rights? Or do you have something other than the standard permission setup for Windows? Tests on other machines haven't had that issue. So, not sure what would cause it at the moment, other than something to do with Windows permissions.​

AV Issue:
What AV Software are you using? I haven't seen this before.​