Ship's Computer - Device Configuration


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Here, you can configure what devices are in what device bays. Typically you'll have device bays configured for different things, such as exploration, trading, combat, etc.
You can only have 1 device bay active at a time, so its also good to have a configuration setup for when you're logged out of the game to help product your ship.

In order to have more device bays, you will need to purchase a Device Bay Array from Tech Magic (port 5). Each device bay can hold 10 devices.
To change which device bay a device is in, double click the device bay number next to the device you wish to move, and change it.

Each device also has a damage column. Damage equates to the percentage chance of failure when the device is activated. You can repair your device by having the Galactic Teamsters perform the repairs needed for a fee.

If you no longer want a device, you can Jettison it into space.